Prestige 5.2

3 steps XP-to-Vista transformer, portable, easy to launch and open source!
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Vortex, corporation.

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Vortex Prestige not only will transform your Windows XP to Windows Vista easily but also quickly and safely, all windows resources will be changed to look exactly like Windows Vista and there are other tools and features which will simulate the wonderful performance and appearance of Windows Vista.
Vortex Prestige is not only a transformer software but also a software manager you will be able to control your add-ons and other features easily more than ever every time you use Vortex Prestige.
Software Features
* System Resources Manager
* Fastest Transformer
* Completely Portable
* Open Source
* No backups or restore points
* Small Size
* Non asked questions setup
* Latest Updated Resources

* Explorer.exe
* Shell32.exe
* Msgina.dll
* Uxtheme.dll
* Outlook Files
* Boot screen
* Logonui.exe
* Control Panel Files
* Other *.exe Files
* Other *.dll Files

Add-ons Tools
* Vista Drivers
* Vista Start
* True Transparency
* TopDesk 3D
* Trans Bar
* Visual Task Tip
* Sidebar
* Styler Toolbar
* L Clock

* Vista Themes
* Vista Fonts
* Vista Screen Savers
* Vista User Icons
* Windowblinds Theme
* Vista Sounds
* Vista Cursor
* Vista Wallpapers
* Software Vista Skins (Media Player, Winamp, FireFox)

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  • Freeware and open source!


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